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Letteratura Poeti Famosi


Hallucinatory flashes ,
light reflections
of stretched skin,
sense of mystery
mixed emotions ,
drops crumbs
shape lips
and skin vibrates ,
Sexy pictures
pass slowly
between rays of glasses ,
concealed creepy
hands in despair ,
flashes of madness,
reflections d ‘ ecstasy
on bare skin ,
gasping breaths
silent transpire
l ‘ air sex ,
l ‘ imperious wave
furrows her goals ,
sexual movement
serge beautiful
cradling the rosy breast ,
twilight stillness
the enchanted skin
to submissive pleasure,
noon an ‘ oasis
the impalpable body ,
 the peace of mind
finds himself naked
to ‘ troubled love … .
carmine16 …. 07/05/2016

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